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Smart Controls

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What are Smart Controls?
Smart controlled boiler & heating

Remember the old days when you would feel a bit too cold or a bit too hot and you would venture into your hallway and adjust your thermostat? Well those days are gone thanks to a range of smart controls designed to manage your heating from any room, your phone or with voice command.


Using smart schedules you can set your heating to turn down when you are out, turn up when you are heading home and be at a more pleasant temperature whilst you sleep. Not only is this a clever it is designed to save you money.


Controls like Googles nest also provide you with times it takes to heat up and can go into eco mode. Have a home device like the Google mini? Just say “Hey Google, set living room to 20” and watch your temperature change. Combine this with smart radiator controls and manage each room individually with your phone. How clever is that!?

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See How Much You have Saved

The apps show you how much energy you use every day and let you plan smart schedules for when you are there and not here. Why heat an empty home?

Smart Thermostats

  • Come in a wide range of smart compatible units and apps

  • Connect to Google, Alexa, Siri and more

  • Work seamlessly with other smart devices

  • Reduce heating costs with smart schedules 

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