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Central Heating

Installs & Repairs

Central Heating is the term used to represent the system which provides warmth to multiple rooms across your home. 

Using a boiler, hot water is passed through pipes which pass through radiators which warm your house. 

Temperature can be controlled using a thermostat on the wall or using a wireless system. 


Power Flush

A power flush is designed to remove sludge and debris that has built up inside the boiler, pipes and radiators around your home or office block. Carrying out a powerflush can resolve quite a few common boiler issues and something we recommend carrying out prior to buying a new boiler. 

From £250+Vat

Room Thermostat

A thermostat monitors the temperature of your air and adjusts increase or decreases the boilers output based on your set temperature.

Normally found on the wall, in recent years thermostats have become wireless meaning come winter you don't have to venture to the hallway to turn the heat up, just do it from the comfort of your couch or bed.

Worcester Thermostat

Need a new gas boiler?

We are accredited Worcester Bosch approved installers which means we are able to offer an amazing 10 year guarantee with installations for the ultimate peace of mind.



Install & Repair

Radiators are an essential for heating rooms. Using hot water from the boiler, radiators do as they say, radiate the heat across the room. Unlike stand alone units, inline radiators need to be professionally installed. 

Like your boiler, radiators require servicing including valves and pipe maintenance. This can be checked during a power flush.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves

Where a room thermostat will set the temperature for the whole of your home Thermostatic Radiator Valves or TRV's are used for localised control.

If you fancy a bit more heat in the lounge but feeling too hot in the bedroom, simply turn down or up the TRV to control the heat. 

The TRV will continue to monitor the air temperature and adjust the request for hot water as and when needed.

Thermostatic radiator Valve
Worcester Gas Safe Installer.jpg

Leak or Burst Pipe?


Are you in urgent need of our help? You will be glad to know that in your time of need RP Plumbing & Heating does not charge you extra.

01202 818 777

Mon - Fri : 8.30am - 16.30pm

Immersion Heater

If your main source of power is electric you will have an immersion heater as your source for hot water. An immersion heat works by passing an electrical current through a coil which heats up. 

The immersion heater element can be found at the  top or bottom of a hot water cylinder and spends its life fully submerged in water. If your boiler breaks an immersion heater can be used as a back up.

Over time this element will wear out and need replacing. Be aware some cylinders have 2 elements.

immersion heater
Domestic Hot Water Cylinder

Domestic Hot

Water Cylinder

A vented hot water cylinder is fed cold water from a storage tank normally located in the loft space. An Immersion heater set inside the cylinder will heat the water.

If you use a gas boiler, the boiler will charge an internal coil and heat the cold water inside the cylinder with an immersion heater as a back up. 

When the feed is requested, the pressure inside will push the hot water to the taps.


Water Cylinders

An un-vented hot water cylinder uses a mains cold water feed to fill the cylinder. As the hot water is requested, the cold water pushes out the hot water to keep the pressure up and to continuously replenish the tank. 

An un-vented cylinder is better for larger homes that need more pressure and store a greater volume of hot water. 

unvented boilers by worsceter

Mains Boosting


For larger properties with lots of bathrooms a mains boosting system may be required to maintain the flow of water for high demand.

An accumulator is a tank which features a diaphragm which is filled with half air and half water. As the taps open the air pushes the water and boosts the water pressure.

A break tank is a storage tank which holds the mains water and using pump pushes the water to the requested areas. 

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