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Hiring in a  plumber can some times be a sore point. Why out source when you can do it yourself? We commend anyone who wants to DIY, however by the time you've bought everything your need, calling in an professional is going to be cheaper. 

That is why RP Plumbing is here for all of your general plumbing needs from dripping taps to toilet installs. Save time and money and call the plumbing experts!


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Bathroom Fixtures

Looking to replace your taps, sink or toilet? Like kitchen appliances, you can find that these items don't always fit the way you expect.

Handing this over to an experienced plumber makes your life easier and means you can rest in the knowledge everything has been installed and plumbed correctly. 


Need a new gas boiler?

We are accredited Worcester Bosch approved installers which means we are able to offer an amazing 10 year guarantee with installations for the ultimate peace of mind.

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Power Shower

Power showers are a fantastic add on to any bathroom, giving more pressure and the feeling of a better clean to your daily routine. 

Needing electricity as well as water, power showers can be a tricky install. RP Plumbing can facilitate the whole process from fitment and housing to water and electricity. 

Plumbing Leaks

Discovering you have a leak can certainly ruin your day! However a leak left unchecked can cause long term problems. 

A leak on a hot tap can cause waste hot water, additional strain on your boiler and hit to your pocket. 

Leaking or burst water pipes can cause damage to brick work, grow mold and rot wood. Fix your leak now and save money down the road!

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Install & Repair

Radiators are an essential for heating rooms. Using hot water from the boiler, radiators do as they say, radiate the heat across the room. Unlike stand alone units, inline radiators need to be professionally installed. 

Like your boiler, radiators require servicing including valves and pipe maintenance. This can be checked during a power flush.

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Leak or Burst Pipe?


Are you in urgent need of our help? You will be glad to know that in your time of need RP Plumbing & Heating does not charge you extra.

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