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Worcester Bosch Boiler Error Codes

Are Worcester Bosch Boiler Good Boilers?

By clicking on this page and scanning through the error codes you may start to think "are Worcester Bosch good boilers!?" and the straight answer to that is yes! Like every modern appliance that has a brain, error codes are designed for plumbers and heating engineers to work out solutions to problems faster. This makes your repair bills cheaper.


Rather than seeing a long lost of error codes as a negative, consider it a positive, how Worcester Bosh have designed their systems to be cheaper to service and not more expensive. 

Different Types Of Codes

Locking Error

If there is a locking error, there will be a flashing fault code as well as a warning triangle and a static cause code. Pressing the reset button will be required to eradicate the fault.


Blocking Error   

If there is a blocking error, no data will be displayed but your boiler will stop operating. By pressing the return/spanner button, you will be able to find the cause code. If for example, the boiler is waiting for an action such as the cooling of an area, the error will automatically resolve once this is done.

Fault Error

A fault code is an alpha numeric code that will offer you an indication to the error by telling you the fault group.


Cause Error        

A cause error code will be a three digit number, found when locating the block error.


Maintenance Code

A maintenance code (beginning with H) will tell you when there is a situation that will not stop the boiler operating, but will need the attention of an engineer.


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