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Frequently Asked Questions - Boilers


We appreciate our customers want to do their research first. Rather than you heading to a forum or a branded site which may hold false information or favorite a particular brand, we have compiled your most asked questions and using our engineers knowledge, provided you with the most accurate answers.

How much is a new boiler?

There is no straight forward answer for this as boilers are not directly universal. If you have many bathrooms you need a bigger boiler which is more expensive. If you have a small 1 bedroom house your needs will be reduced and you can have a smaller boiler which is cheaper. We recommend contacting us to book a survey for the most accurate quote. 

How much is a boiler service?


Our boiler services are £55+vat. We may cost a little more than one man vans but this is because we invest in the latest technology and training and have all the appropriate insurances in place. We do everything we can to provide you with peace of mind. Can you put a price on gas safety?

What is carried out on a boiler service?


A standard service will include:

  • Inspection of boiler, pipework, flue and vents

  • A full performance test

  • Gas Pressure test

  • Safety device test

  • Certificate of Service

What will happen if I don't service my boiler?


Your boiler is not going to break if you don't get it serviced regular. However proper maintenance will increase the boilers lifespan and reduce costs down the road. When it comes to selling your home, something prospective buyers will want carried out. 

If your boiler is not operating correctly then we deem this as an urgent issue and not something we recommend holding off as gas boilers can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning if left unchecked. 


Power Flush

From £250 + Vat

  • Removes Sludge

  • Improves Efficiency

  • Increases Boiler Life Span

Boiler Service

From £55 + Vat

  • Most Problems Fixed on Site

  • Gas, LPG and Electric

Emergency Call Out

No Call Out Charge!

  • 8.30am - 4.30pm

  • No Hidden Charges

  • Up To 20 Mile Radius

How long should a boiler last?


With proper maintenance and servicing, anywhere from 5 years upwards. We use Worcester Bosch boilers as they're backed with a 6 year and up to to 12 years warranty. 

What is a condensing boiler?


Condensing boilers are the most energy-efficient boilers on the market today. They use less fuel and have lower running costs than other boilers. They achieve this high level of efficiency by extracting heat contained in the combustion gases, which would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere. Old, conventional boilers have an efficiency rate up to 60%, which means that they convert 60% or less of their fuel into heat, while the efficiency of new condensing boilers can be above 90% (A-rated). This means huge energy savings and significant cuts on your CO2 emissions and gas bills.

There are 2 types of high-efficiency condensing boiler:

  • System boiler: heats your hot water through a hot water cylinder

  • Combination (combi) boiler: gives you instant hot water without the need for a cylinder


Each type delivers all the benefits of high-efficiency technology.


What is a combi boiler?


Combi boilers or combination boilers offer water heating and central heating from the same boiler. Combi boilers heat water directly from the mains and do not require a hot water storage tank. This makes them incredibly efficient and cheap to run.  

What is a system boiler?


A system boiler is a closed water system which uses a boiler and a hot water cylinder, either vented or unvented. A system boiler holds more pressure than a regular boiler. However this system requires you to house a large hot water cylinder which most homes struggle with. 

Which boiler manufacturer do you recommend?


We can supply and install any type of boilers. We usually recommend A-rated Worcester Bosch boilers for their efficiency and size and  for their warranty which is up to 12 years!

10 Year Boiler Guarantee

We are accredited Worcester Bosch approved installers which means we are able to offer an amazing 10 year guarantee with installations for the ultimate peace of mind.

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